cowboys vs texans

Cowboys vs Texans 27-23 | NFL | Final Score

There are a lot of great players in the NFL, but there are a few who stand out above the rest. The Cowboys vs Texans match was indeed thrilling. The Cowboys team was a 17-point favorite against the Texans, the largest spread in the NFL this season, and nearly had a debilitating loss.

Cowboys vs Texans 27-23 | NFL | Final Score

Facing Houston was not supposed to be this difficult.

“I think anytime you can live through that and have a positive result, you’re better for it,” owner and general manager Jerry Jones said.

Prescott also believes this win, against the now 1-11-1 Texans, could end up being important.

“This will serve us more than I think the Minnesota game or even the way we finished the last game when it comes down to it because we’re going to play some tough games as we get going,” he said. “You got to play games like [this], one-score games here in the back end against our division or whether it be the playoffs. Just for us to have that confidence and trust in one another and continue to tighten our bond is something that we’re going to need.”

cowboys vs texans






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