5 Best Placekickers in NFL

These amazing placekickers have been tearing up the field since entering the league, racking up plenty of stats along the way. Regarding the 5 best NFL placekickers, there’s no shortage of talent. From the hard-nosed workhorses to the fleet-footed speedsters, there’s something for everyone. These are some of the great NFL placekickers that have come and gone. With the current crop of talent, there’s no telling who will be the next one to make a name for themselves.

5 Best Placekickers in NFL

These powerhouses of kickers are known for their incredible size and power. If they get momentum going, no one can stop them. These players are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the best NFL placekickers. And with the season heating up, you can be sure to see more of them in action!

1- Justin Tucker, Ravens

5 Best Placekickers in NFL

2- Daniel Carlson, Raiders

5 Best Placekickers in NFL

3- Tyler Bass, Bills

5 Best Placekickers in NFL

4- Jason Myers, Seahawks

5- Harrison Butker, Chiefs






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