Week 16 NFL Storylines & Playoff Picture!

Week 16 NFL Storylines & Playoff Picture!

Christmas came right on time for the Cincinnati Bengals, who started off Week 16 by procuring a season finisher compartment Thursday night without raising a ruckus around town because of the Jacksonville Panthers’ triumph over the New York Planes. Week 16 NFL Storylines & Playoff Picture is here.

Week 16 NFL Storylines & Playoff Picture

The Jaguars’ victory over New York on Thursday night had big repercussions in the AFC, as this is the season for clinching games. The Chargers, Ravens, and Bengals all entered Week 16 with the Jet’s loss-related clinching scenarios. Naturally, Cincinnati’s route was the simplest; Baltimore and Los Angeles still have some work to do to finish their respective playoff-clinching puzzles this weekend, but they can thank the Jaguars for opening the door. Cincinnati’s route was the simplest.

Week 16 NFL Storylines & Playoff Picture!

The AFC still has a chance to win three division titles and four playoff spots based on the events of Week 16. The Bills have a chance to officially win the AFC East title, bringing them one step closer to securing the No. 1 seed, while the Ravens and Chargers could secure playoff spots this weekend. 1 seed.

There are still two divisions to be decided in the NFC, and only three playoff spots are available. One of those spots must go to an NFC South team (I don’t make the rules). The Giants are the only NFC team that has a shot at making the playoffs in Week 16, while the Eagles can secure the conference’s top seed this weekend.






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