Giants vs Eagles | NFL Week 18

Giants vs. Eagles | NFL Week 18

The giants vs. Eagles game has been scheduled for Sunday. Interestingly beginning around 2019, the Eagles go into the regular season finale with season finisher cultivating on the line. In 2019, they beat the Giants 34-17 at MetLife Arena on the last day of the standard season to secure the NFC East title.

Giants vs. Eagles | NFL Week 18

They will secure the current year’s NFC East title – and a first-round bye – with success over the Monsters Sunday at the Linc. The Giants, 9-6-1, are gotten into the No. 6 seed in the NFL season finisher section and can’t help or damage themselves. Yet, the Eagles have a great deal on the line. This is their third opportunity to secure the favorite in the meeting section and secure the bye that accompanies it.

Giants vs Eagles | NFL Week 18







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